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Why You Should Be Using Silk-Screening For Your Labels?


When durability is a requirement for your nameplate needs, then metals are your material of choice for such a need. Choose from the many types of metals that can be used for their durability, like stainless steel or aluminum, if you require nameplates that are tough.


Because the ink film thickness is so great this process excels in applications where resistance to weather (outdoors), moisture, abrasion, and chemicals is needed.


One of the reasons silk screen printing has stood the test of time is it is an extremely cost-effective way of printing large quantities of fabric, as well as being low in waste and relatively easy to produce consistently high-quality results, especially when working with dark fabrics. It allows you to deposit a larger volume of ink while retaining good opacity and colour strength.


Due to the composition and thickness of inks used in screen printing, this method can withstand far more stress than others without losing the quality of the print. That’s a plus as certain labels don’t hold up well if they are required to withstand the outside elements, humidity or moisture.

Serigraphy Label

Demirören Label offer screen printed nameplates and signs that provide excellent properties:

• Full colour printing onto a wide range of materials

• Excellent print quality

• Extremely cost effective for large volumes

Metal Labels

A metal label also known as a metal nameplate or placard is an excellent choice in nearly all environments and applications due to its durable and versatile characteristics.

Polycarbonate Labels

Lexan Graphic Overlays are often used by equipment manufacturers to produce extremely durable control panels, face plates, operator instructions and safety notices.


Superb resilience and great looking printed anodised aluminium name plates, manufactured to your exact specification.

Aluminum Foil Labels

These stickers are made from real aluminum. They are 2 mil thick and have an aggressive permanent adhesive.

Laser Marking

Nameplates can be manufactured in stainless steel, aluminium or rigid plastics (traffolyte) to bespoke specifications. Our high quality nameplates are a great way to mark you products with your company branding and other additional information. Logos can be etched deeply into stainless steel.

Barcode Labels

Serial Number, Qr Code or Barkod…


Equipment, Industrial or Product Nameplates…

Metal Labels

Product Labels, Industrial Labels or Barcod Labels…

Asset and ID tags

Anodized Aluminium or Chrome Labels…

Digital Printing

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Health and Safety Stickers

Mandatory Signs, Warning Signs, Electrical Signs, Information Signs, Prohibition Signs, Fire Signs, Custom Signs, Construction Signs 

Barcode Stickers

Barcode Label For Assets, Barcode Labels For Iron, Barcode Labels For Fabrics, Barcode Labels For Shelfs, Barcode Label Types For Product

Test and Inspection Labels

Quality Control Labels, Inspection Labels, Pat Test Labels, Cable Wrap, Ladder Labels, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

Electrical Labels

Periodic Inspection Labels ,   Harmonısatıon Labels, Electrıcal Advertısıng Labels, General Electrıcal Warnıng Labels, Danger And Warnıng Labels, Voltage Labels



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