Dials, Gauges & Scales Labels, and Weighing Labels 

Industrial Nameplate designs and prints custom dials and scales for use in a wide range of applications and environments, from pressure gauges and dial controls, to graduated cylinder scales, thermometers and manometers.

Industrial nameplates are used in a wide range of applications from pressure gauges and dial controls to graduated cylinder scales, thermometers and manometers.

Measuring Tools That Use Scales and Dials

Scales and dials are used in order to measure lots of things. The type of tool in which the scale or dial is used determines what kind of measurement to make. Some of these measuring devices are used to monitor and control pressure; some are used to control weight; while others to control length. There are also other measuring tools used in order to control depth, temperature and more.

There a plenty of tools to take a measurement for any purpose. Here are some examples:

Weighing Scales – while many people begin to use digital scales for smaller weight controls, a large part still depends on manually operated scales. These weighing tools, which use scales or dials, are often used by businesses that need heavy duty tools to measure weight and these weighing equipments are often chosen instead of digital ones. This is because such weighing tools are more durable than today’s digital scales. They are also easier to calibrate than their digital counterparts.

Hygrometers – this device is used to measure the humidity of a place. This special measuring tool is used in saunas, greenhouses, incubators and even museums. It is also used by businesses that need to keep moisture levels low to prevent damage to the goods they own. An example of a business using this particular measuring instrument is a wooden instrument manufacturer. As moisture can damage wood tools, such businesses need to find ways to track moisture levels and do what is necessary to keep it under control.

Air Pressure Meter – this tool is used to measure how much air is in an object. This is used for inflatable products such as basketball balls, tires and the like. A person determines whether air needs to be added or removed from an object by knowing the exact amount of air pressure in these things. When excessive or low inflation is suspected the importance of the right amount of air pressure in an object comes into play. Over-inflated items can explode when some pressure is applied to them, and under-inflated items may not work as they should.

Custom options include:

Company logos,

Contact information and private branded artwork

Multi-coloured sector bands and lines

Specialty scales and units such as torque, percentage and weight

Non-catalogued ranges

Other options are also available upon request.

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