Solid Label



Strong, flexible and made with hight-strenght adhesive our
foil labels can be written with a ballpoint pen and will hold the impression, even if the ink fades.

·      These aluminium labels come with a permanent adhesive.

·      They adhere to smooth plastic, metal and glass and look amazing on them.


Aluminium Style Metal Labels

Both used indoors and outdoors, aluminium stickers are printed with eco-solvent ink which will not smudge when they get wet and are resistant to UV for many years.

They are mainly used for cosmetic labels, control panels, machine marking, wedding stationery and for other special occasions. Printed with monochrome or monochrome blocks, they look great.

They have an expensive brushed aluminium look like much more expensive real metal labels.

Material Description

Our brushed aluminium labels are made of 65 micron thick metalized vinyl. These printed aluminium stickers look great with a smooth metallic brushed surface.

Self-adhesive aluminium foil is ideal for calibration and Certificate Type labels because even if the handwriting ink fades away, critical information such as calibration date remains on the label.

Certified technicians eliminate the need for pre-printed labels by writing on the label when applied to the equipment being tested.

Widely various devices that can be used to label machines and equipment at our aluminium foil labels, are rated for use in temperatures well below freezing and can withstand short term exposure to temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius.
These labels are also resistant to water damage, UV and will remain intact no matter how the weather.

Contact us to request your free sample of aluminium foil labels, which is one of the most versatile and unique solutions on the market today.


These aluminium labels come with a permanent adhesive.

They adhere to smooth plastic, metal and glass and look amazing on them.

They can even be used to stick onto baseball caps upon request. The adhesive is not as strong as our standard waterproof labels. However, it will not fall off when it is stuck to a smooth surface. On the other hand, please keep in
mind that you will not be able to stick these silver labels to products with high silicone or wax content such as ABS plastics, so we, as Demirören Label, strongly advice that should you have any doubts, please ask for a few samples
before ordering.

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provide you with best labelling solutions.