Outstanding  Readability and Durability

·       Full color anodized print. Logos, text and numbers are        embedded and sealed into the aluminum pores.

·       Extreme abrasion, chemical and weather resistant.

·       100% aluminum with matte surface.

·       Choice of thick 3M adhesives. Sticks well to plastic or metal.

Demiroren Label produces long-lasting  and permanent anodized aluminium label. Anodized aluminium label is frequently preferred in many areas.

What is Anodised Aluminium?

Anodising is an electrochemical process that converts a metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish and can be used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal.

The image is then printed using special dye inks, which are absorbed by this anodic layer to become part of the actual aluminium. The anodic dye, penetrating deep into the aluminium (15 microns), produces labels that are much more
resistant to abrasion than would be the case with surface printed inks.

The anodised coating is hard, durable, will never peel, and, under normal conditions, will never wear through.

Promotion of the products, serial numbers, power, etc.. includes descriptive information,such as.

The range of usega of aluminum metal labels have very wide field and different dimensions, the size and thickness, high-micron anodized, or acid etched, printing dyes are resistant to external factors. Product is mounted on the double-sided
tape or rivets. The external appearance affect the competitiveness of the device and of machines, significantly. Large market competition virtually used to complete the visual of all manufacturers of products, but also used in commercial
products and companies.

For a long time, Metal Label is showing maximum resistance to external variables, and the looks of the ad to preserve the structure represents a long period of time. Company information, products and features presentation, serial numbers, year of manufacture, etc.. descriptive information, such as is used for transmitting to the consumer. Usage range is very wide and different dimensions, the size and thickness may be preferred. Metal Labels can also be applied to more than one color according to customer demand and the type of material. It is mounted with double-sided tape or rivets.

 Advantages of Aluminium

•   Anodized Aluminium label and nameplates are used extensively throughout industry for their resilient properties.

•   Super Tough for exterior applications

•   Resistant to UV light, salt spray and harsh conditions

•   Chemical and solvent resistant

•   Corrosion and abrasion resistant

•   Can withstand high temperatures

•   Lack of fragility

•   Durability of the paint

•   Ease of Mounting

•   Availability on the all of the weather conditions

•   Such as serial number, year of manufacture information on the metal label to be processed by the user

•   Long lifetime


Uses of Aluminium Anodised aluminium is perfect to use for:

• Machine Rating Plates

 Serial Number Tags

• Dials & Scales

• Valve Tags

• V.I.N Plates

• Compliance Plates

• Control Panels

• Asset Tags

• Fire Door Rating Plates

• Building Signage

• Parking Signs

• Danger and Warning Signs

Consecutive Numbering and Barcodes etc.

Aluminium is highly suitable for the addition of variable information such numbering or barcodes at the point of manufacture. On site the customer with use of metal punches can permanently marking the plate with characters 


Mounting of nameplates is usually by screw or rivet holes that are pressed into the metal plates. For thicker gauge plates, mounting is sometimes achieved by welding directly onto units at the point of manufacture.Alternatively, or in combination with the above, adhesives can be applied to the back of the nameplates. A large range of adhesive options are available to suit adhesion to almost any substrate, for example other metals, plastic and powder coated surfaces. Most of the adhesives specified are suitable for outdoor and wet applications.

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