Safety – Warnıng Label and Industrial Safety Stickers 

In addition to the importance of color, safety labels must contain clear wording and verbiage. These signal words include:

Danger: Will result in death or serious injury

Warning: Could result in death or serious injury

Caution: Could result in minor or moderate injury

Notice: Not used for hazards

General safety: Safety procedures, operating instructions

Basics of Warning and Instructional Plates

Warning and instructional plates are used to tell people when some areas and equipment may be dangerous. In such dangerous areas or on such dangerous equipment, these plates are glued or hanged as a sign of warning. These plates are often used by a large number of companies operating a variety of dangerous equipment and machinery.

These plates can be customized according to each company’s requirement when ordered. For example, if the company needs a warning sign plate describing electrical danger, pictograms and correct headers are used. These plates are likely to carry a pictogram describing voltage warnings in the form of a lightning bolt.

Here is a list to help you understand which other parts of this custom metal nameplate you can customize:

Metal Material Specification – this is where you choose the type of metal to use for your plates. The metals in this list are tarnish-resistant and rust-resistant. These resisting features make them ideal for many applications. Choose the metal type that best suits both your needs and your budget. There are also many different thicknesses to choose from.

Methods of Manufacturing – One of the processes of creating warning and instruction plates is the marking method of your plates. There are many methods to choose from, and these include embossing, etching, laser printing, digital printing, stone wear etc. Choose the best possible marking method for your plates according to the area you will use them. For instance, if you plan to use them in areas that are exposed to very harsh conditions, stone wear may be a good choice, as they last too long and are highly resistant to changes in weather conditions.

Headers Used – It is also important to note the headings you need to use when assembling warning signs and instruction signs for your machines and facilities. There are a number of headings that are ideal for different types of situations, and using the right one is very important for the safety of people who are around these tags. Using the wrong type of heading can endanger your employees and even visitors in the area if they do not take the necessary precautions due to improper use of headings.

Adhesives and Mounting – Here you can also choose from adhesive and mounting options for your plates. There are several to choose from, and you should choose the one that best suits your specific need in your business. As an example, there are heavy duty and high performance adhesives which are ideal to use in areas with too much wind, heat or cold.

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