Custom Labels, PVC Transparent Labels and Barcode Stickers 

• Flat adhesive transparent labels

• Special shape sticker

• Internally adhesive transparent labels

Transparent label, which is produced from a PVC-based material as a raw material, is visible when adhered to the surface. It is possible to use this kind of label in many areas. It could be produced as normal, internally adhesive or flat printed. The production type depends on the customer demand. Whatever kind is used, they are all water resistant. Thus, they can even be used with surfaces that are in contact with water. The contact with water does not affect its long lasting feature.

Any king of printing can be applied on transparent labels. It does not leave traces in the area where it was removed after being glued. This is a natural result of using a nylon-based raw material.

Clear labels are visible with stickers and are ideal when you want to stick them on coloured surfaces. They are vinyl-based stickers, so they are much stronger than paper-based stickers.

These labels are printed on clear vinyl. The background can be seen through your sticker. We also apply a layer of white ink under the coloured ink to keep the colours vivid and bright. It also allows you to print white in your design.

Transparent labels are produced by our company upon your request in the amount you desire. Designs of printed transparent labels are approved by customer before the printing process. In this way, approved label designs are delivered in a short time by entering the printing process.

Durability of Transparent Label

Demirören Label Company has been in the sector for many years and doing completely label-oriented work. The reason we are preferred by many companies is because we produce labels with high quality printing materials and offer them for sale at the most affordable prices. Water, moisture, sun rays resistant and completely brand-specific designs can reveal your difference in the industry. Because of its transparency, the glued area can be seen completely clearly. For this reason, high quality adhesive is used and it is very important that it does not distort the image.

As Demirören Label, before delivering your labels, tests are carried out on your labels so that they meet the requirements we promise. The biggest reason for the growth of our company today is that it delivers the label productions it undertakes perfectly.

Transparent Label Types

Flat adhesive transparent labels

Internally adhesive transparent labels

Transparent Label / Sticker Usage Areas

Printed and unprinted transparent labels produced by our company with quality and timely delivery principle are mainly used in the following sectors:

Food Sector & Textile Sector & Cosmetics Sector & Chemical Sector & Machinery Industry & Industry & Pharmaceuticals & Electrical Electronics & Hardware Furniture & White Goods & Construction

How does the Transparent Label Printing Process Work?

Before starting the transparent label printing process, we agree on the label design with the customer. As there are highly experienced designers working in our company, it is easy for us to apply the design on the label. After the agreement on the design with the help of our designers, the printing process begins. At the every stage of printing, it is very important for us to make quality controls on the label to prevent slipping or overflowing of the design. At the end of the printing process, labels are prepared and immediately delivered to the customer.

The transparent label printing is a very quick process and it is carried out with expert accompaniment. The labels are produced quickly and delivered immediately after printing. In this way, 1 to 1000 labels are delivered to our customers who request transparent labels within the promised period.

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