A set of numbered asset tags, Barcode Labels, and ID Labels with anodized aluminium

A laser marking label is vibrant and can be easy read making itself far more superior to printed labels.

Laser Plate


How We Apply Laser Marking

We, as Demirören Label, produce nameplates by using a strong light to create prints and graphics on the surface of various materials such as coated and uncoated metals, plastics, glass and other substrates. This creation of prints and graphics is actually the process of removing the coating from the surface by a laser beam. At this stage, for detailed artwork and precise barcodes, markings are made with very high tolerances. For its versatility, laser engraving has become one of the more commonly used scraping processes for various materials. Images like barcodes and QR codes can be reproduced. As the process is digital and does not need print, the cost is low and the process is desirable for small amounts of label orders. Demirören Label uses laser marking in the production of nameplates, especially in the Aerospace and Machinery sector.

Why You Should Choose Laser Marking

If you’re manufacturing products or components, you know how important it is to mark your parts with a part number, model number, barcode, or even a logo. This method is great for creating asset tags and identifying marks to be used as inventory tags. Laser engraved nameplates can be personalized for commercial and industrial needs, creating brand labels for specific product requirements, or creating nameplates intended to carry serial and model numbers. This makes it easier for you and your customers to identify parts for future replacement or repair. In the past, there were and may still be many ways you may prefer to mark a part with printing and labels. However, today there are better, permanent and cheaper ways to do it with laser marking. Thus, it is important to understand what laser marking is and the benefits of it compared to printing.

What Exactly Laser Marking Is

Laser marking or laser engraving is used to create part numbers, logos, characters, graphics and barcodes. Laser marking contains no physical tool that erodes the surface and does not transmit ink or any other substance to the surface. What it actually does is focusing on a material, which creates an opposing mark or a deep mark, depending on the settings used . A number of different laser marking machines are available to complete this task. From low-power desktop machines ideal for small batches to fully integrated systems on a production line, laser marking systems can outperform a printer with more attractive markings and more lasting results.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Followings are just a few of the advantages you can experience on choosing laser marking for your label needs:

• Cost savings without the need for consumables

High volume manufacturers can greatly reduce costs with laser marking, which is only $ 0.02 per item, compared to $ 0.07 – $ 0.09 per item for ink or labels. The consumable cost of ink or labels will far exceed the cost of a laser marking.

• Long Lasting

Printed stickers might fall off or the ink might fade by time, but when you use laser marking, you have a permanent and long lasting sign that will resist years. This means that you won’t need to replace the label for up to twenty years and your customer will be able to read the part number or scan its barcode on labels produced with long lasting laser marking.

• Visible

 A laser marking label is vibrant and can be easy read making itself far more superior to printed labels.

• Time-saving

Laser marking or engraving process is really fast and simple by laser marking machines. This process is a lot longer in printed labels. You both save time and money by choosing laser marking.

• Flexible

Laser marking can be applied on a variety of materials. Whether you are working with metals, plastics or natural materials, there’s a laser marking solution that will meet your needs.

• Minimum Maintenance

You can avoid downtime associated with cleaning or clogging a printer when using laser marking systems that do not use messy consumables.

As you can see, laser marking is really superior to printing in many aspects. If you need to mark any materials, consider using laser marking or engraving instead of alternatives like printing.

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